Better Farming. Better Future.

Located within the majestic Essequibo region of Guyana, where the Caribbean meets South America on its North Atlantic seaboard, the impressive Golden Fleece Rice Investment mill - with a processing capacity of 300 tons of grain per day - sorts, dries, stores and packages a wide variety of full-flavored, nutritious, premium rice.

As one of the most influential community leaders in the area, the Golden Fleece Rice Investment company has championed, since its origins, the practice of sustainable methods for land usage, seeding, irrigation, fertilization, pest control and more. Consequently, the region currently boasts one of the best environments for growing truly natural, organic grains.

Thanks to these practices and the region’s favorable climate, most of the harvests yield a unique white, transparent rice grain, which is cleaned, dried, stored and packaged at the state-of the-art Golden Fleece Rice Investment mill facilities. From there it will be shipped and sold to major wholesalers and retailers throughout the Caribbean and neighboring South American countries, and then it will reach the homes and tables of demanding, quality-seeking, health-conscious consumers.

Healthier Grains. Healthier Industry.

Using the latest technology to increase milling efficiency, the Golden Fleece Rice Investment mill also offers the most efficient distribution channel – direct from the grower to the customer.

Growers deliver their rice harvests directly to the Golden Fleece Rice Investment mill for it to handle all the processing, packaging and distribution to its export, retail, foodservice, industrial and co-product customers.

By supporting a united front of growers that have access to the mill’s resources at any given time, the Golden Fleece Rice Investment company has helped not only to improve the farmers’ current situation and future outlook but also to grow the rice industry as a whole, both locally and internationally.


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