Secondary products second to none

The rice milled at the Golden Fleece Rice Investment company is of such great quality that even its derivatives have a great potential in a wide range of food categories that include many valuable and worthwhile products. These products are manufactured using not only the inedible parts that are usually discarded through the milling process, but also the edible part, which, when combined with the first, can be transformed into one of the best pet rice and rice bran brands in the market.

Pet Rice

Golden Fleece’s rice and its derivatives are also used in the pet food industry because of their nutrient rich bran layers, which are an excellent source of beneficial fiber, complex carbohydrates and essential amino acids.

Rice Bran

Rice bran is used all over the world as an ingredient in prepared foods for both humans and for livestock, and the oil produced from it has even wider usage.

The rice bran produced at the Golden Fleece Rice Investment mill has a rich mixture of protein, fat, ash, and crude fiber. Its composition is largely dependent on the milling process and it can range from coarse bran (from the first whitening step), to fine bran (from the second whitening step) and to polish (from the polishing step, which contains part of the endosperm and is often referred to as meal).


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